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Sometimes we all get overwhelmed with the prospect of cleaning our homes. It seems that no matter how hard you try to organize and take care of cleaning on your own that things will always get out of hand eventually. Luckily you don’t have to clean all on your own. Many people hire companies to clean their homes, offices, pools, and even cars. When you are deciding on hiring a cleaning service there are a few considerations you should take into account.

First of all you should assess your needs. Do you need a one time cleaning service after a large party? Do you need a monthly or weekly service? Figuring out the frequency of your cleaning needs as well as the specifics that need to be cleaned will help you find a company that is matched to your needs. If you have only semi-annual cleaning that you need help with you may hire a different cleaning service than one that will come weekly. Also consider what type of cleaning you will need to have done. If you have carpets and hardwood floors make sure your hire a company that can wax and buff your hardwood floors and shampoo your carpets. While you may not need those more expensive services on a regular basis, it helps to have a cleaning service that has the ability to perform them when needed.

Secondly you need to consider what cleaning you want to do on your own. Except for the amazingly wealthy there are going to be some cleaning tasks that are much more efficient and economical for you to do on your own. Not everyone needs to have their home professionally dusted or vacuumed. Maybe you want your cleaning service to just handle the niche cleaning parts while you handle the day to day aspects of cleaning. When you are looking at cleaning out large parts of your home for a renovation, moving, or just getting rid of lots of junk there are some other considerations as well. You could spend the time to go through all of that junk in your basement but it would probably be easier to have professionals sort through it and decide what is and isn’t trash. The question you have to answer for yourself is whether you are willing to give up some of your discretion with your household items to the cleaning company that will sort, trash, and clean your room. Also, if you are moving and trying to sell your home it may be worth the extra money to hire a company that can really make your house shine in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it.

The cost of hiring a company should always be a consideration. Unless you are fabulously wealthy you will need to determine if your monthly budget can afford a cleaning service. This is where it pays to shop around. You should check out various cleaning companies before deciding on hiring one. Make sure when you do your comparison shopping that you ask important questions of each company. The screening of their employees, the types of services they offer, as well as the prices and discount they may offer as well should all come into consideration. Make sure to check out if the company is insured as well. If the cleaning company breaks a lamp, will they pay for it? Make sure you read and understand all of the company’s policies before your sign a contract.

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